Setting a Good Foundation for Your Pup

Private Training


All new clients will go through an initial evaluation to determine the recommended training program for you and your dog. Evaluations will last up to an hour. During this time we will discuss current behavioral issues, training goals, gauge the dogs temperament and trainability level and then provide a recommended training plan.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great option for owners who are looking to work one on one with a trainer in order to teach their puppy basic obedience commands, household manners and prevent behavioral issues. Trainers will also assist owners with potty training, crate training and dealing with common puppy issues. The number of lessons required will be determined at the evaluation and be based on the dogs issues as well as owners goals. During each lesson the trainer will teach you the fundamentals and then provide you with homework to continue working on with your dog daily at home. Private lessons will be paid per lesson & will be scheduled approximately once every 2-3 weeks in the owners home.

Puppy Board & Trains

Puppy Board & Trains are designed for puppies 8-16 weeks of age. Puppies will live in the trainers home for the duration of training. We will do the hard work of introducing, imprinting & laying the foundation for crate training, house training, household manners, age appropriate socialization & beginning obedience commands. Your puppies day will consist of a balance of work, play, affection & rest. One major benefit of choosing a Puppy Board & Train is that appropriate behaviors can be taught from the beginning in a shorter period of time than one on one sessions with your puppy and the trainer. In addition, your puppy will live with other well balanced dogs that will help establish desirable behaviors.

2 Week Puppy Board & Train

In this program we will focus on starting your puppy on crate and potty training, socialization with dogs & people as well as a few obedience commands such as sit, down & come.  We will also work on typical puppy behaviors such as jumping, barking, mouthing & chewing.

The goal of this program is to give puppies a head start with their foundational training. Please keep in mind puppies will NOT be potty trained at the end of this program. Potty training takes times and most puppies are not fully potty trained until 4-6 months old.. We highly recommend following up this board & train with additional private lessons or a group puppy class.

This program includes (1) go home lesson along with an age appropriate potty/crate schedule & behavior expectations.

3 Week Hybrid Puppy Board & Train

In this program we will work with you and your puppy through a combination of private lessons and a board & train program.

Starting at 8 weeks when you bring your puppy home you will receive 2 to 3 private sessions in home where we will help get you started on the right track with potty and crate training as well as general household manners.

At 12-16 weeks old your puppy will come to stay with us for a total of 3 weeks. During this time we will focus on socialization with dogs & people, basic obedience commands (sit, stay, down & come), loose leash walking, address any problem behaviors and continue with potty & crate training.

This program includes (1) go home lesson and (1) follow up lesson. This program will also include a customized training plan for your puppy along with an age appropriate schedule & behavior expectations.

What To Expect

What A Puppy Board & Train Can Do

A board & train can be highly effective for teaching new behaviors and solving many problem behaviors, and is an excellent jumpstart for good manners at home.

What A Puppy Board & Train Can't Do

A board & train is not a quick, magical fix. A board & train cannot grow your puppy up for you. In puppies, nipping, potty training issues and attention seeking behaviors like stealing items are age-specific, and also very tied to the human behavior in your home

Navigating The Weeks After A Puppy Board & Train

One of the biggest determinants of success in a board & train program is going to be your family's behavior upon your dog's return home.

You simply cannot send your dog away to learn an entirely new set of rules and behaviors, return them home to the exact environment and family behavior you started with, and expect a different outcome.

Behavior in dogs is fluid; a learned behavior won't stay that way without practice. What happens when you learn a new language, but then don't speak it for years? You'll simply lose the fluency you had acquired.

As trainers, we coach our clients that training is never done; you will be continuously maintaining what your dog has learned and ensuring that the rules and boundaries in your home remain consistent.

Owners Commitment

Owners will receive written instructions to follow and maintain, to ensure the puppy’s success after training. Consistency is key in training and will play an integral part in the puppy staying on track with potty and crate training. It is important that if the provided go-home instructions and demonstrated techniques are not followed, it is possible that the training will revert. This will especially hold true for potty and crate training. Your pup has worked very hard, please give them a chance to succeed by being consistent with established training methods. We are always a phone call away for guidance and questions. Our goal is to help you and your puppy have a well-balanced relationship.

Puppy Board & Train Expectations:

Please note, puppy training is not adult dog obedience training. It is impossible to make a 3 month old puppy act like a 3 year old dog. Puppy training is step one in your dog’s lifetime of training, much like primary school is not the same as college. When a puppy goes home the trainer will work with you to ensure that you have all the information and tools necessary to continue working with your puppy daily to reinforce with consistency the foundational training your puppy received. In transitioning your puppy back to your home, a great deal of time and effort is needed to learn and maintain the proper level of obedience expected from your puppy. It is the owners responsibility to maintain & reinforce the foundations laid by the trainer. It is also the owners responsibility to schedule the follow up sessions & reach out to the trainers for assistance when needed