Helping You and Your Dog Have a Well-Balanced Relationship

Private Training


All new clients will go through an initial evaluation to determine the recommended training program for you and your dog. Evaluations will last up to an hour. During this time we will discuss current behavioral issues, training goals, gauge the dogs temperament and trainability level and then provide a recommended training plan.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great option for owners who are looking to work one on one with a trainer in order to teach their dog basic obedience commands as well as resolve behavioral issues. The number of lessons required will be determined at the evaluation and be based on the dogs issues as well as owners goals. During each lesson the trainer will teach you the fundamentals and then provide you with homework to continue working on with your dog daily at home. Private lessons will be paid per lesson & will be scheduled approximately once per week in the owners home.


Adult Board & Trains

We provide two types of Adult Board & Train Programs. Read through the descriptions and then fill out the contact form so we can help you decide the best fit for you and your dog!

2 Week Basic Obedience Board & Train

This program is for dogs 6 months of age or older with no major behavioral problems. Your dog will spend 2 weeks living in the trainers home learning 5 basic on leash obedience commands (Heel, Sit, Stay, Come & Down) in addition to crate manners and general household manners. We will also address common behavioral issues such as jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, counter surfing, etc. Off leash obedience training is also available with this program!

This is an intensive lifestyle program where your dog will be immersed in a 24/7 routine including structure, rules, socialization and supervised play with other dogs. Your dog will have a great foundation of training so that when they come home you are able to continue training and have a companion that you can enjoy to the fullest.

This program includes all necessary training equipment, (1) go home lesson and (2) follow up lessons. We will also provide weekly updates and a detailed training plan to maintain training at home.

4 Week Behavior Modification Board & Train

This program is for dogs who have leash reactivity, fear and anxiety, human or dog aggression, food and/or resource guarding & crate or house soiling issues.

This program covers all of the training included in the 2 Week Board & Train with an additional two weeks so that we have the proper amount of time to address these more serious issues and insure success once your dog goes home.

What To Expect

Before Training

Owners will coordinate the drop-off day and time with the trainer. Owners will be responsible for providing the food and any medications (flea, tick, heartworm) necessary for the duration of the dogs stay. Owners do not need to provide a crate, bowls, bedding, toys, etc.

During Training

Trainers will provide once-weekly picture/video updates during training, upon request. Halfway through the Board & Train program owners will come in for a lesson with the trainer and their dog. We will go over what your dog has learned so far and discuss a training plan to transition the dog back into your home.

After Training

Upon completion of training, trainers will have a go-home lesson with owners demonstrating how to practice obedience commands, going over how to remedy behavioral issues, how to maintain good manners, and ensure owners have success with their dogs once home. A follow-up lesson will be scheduled in-home, two to three weeks after the dog has gone home to check in with owners as well as provide any additional help needed. Your trainer will be available by phone, text, or email for any questions/concerns you may have after your dog completes training.

Owners Commitment

Owners will receive written instructions to follow and maintain, to ensure the dogs continued success after training. Consistency is key in training and will play an integral part in the dog staying on track and maintaining the training. It is important that if the provided go-home instructions and demonstrated techniques are not followed, it is possible that the training will revert. This will especially hold true for behavioral issues. Your dog has worked very hard, please give them a chance to succeed by being consistent with established training methods. We are always a phone call away for guidance and questions. Our goal is to help you and your dog have a well-balanced relationship.